Vacations by Based Case

2014 saw the first instalment of Based Case’s foray into rap as a rising senior in high school – A raw talent fresh out the gate, he dove into his perspective on life, his surroundings, and “The Pack.” Inspired by the contemporaries of the day, dark melodies accompanied by aggressive drums helped shape his entrance into the music industry

Now as a matured artist in his senior year of college Based Case’s new project, Vacations, focuses on the previous year  in South Carolina filled with ups, downs, and the uncertainty of what his future holds – ‘Day in Paradise’ reconciles his love of thumping drums and thick 808 with the simple pleasant melodies, smooth synth pads and flow for which he is known for. ‘Night in Paradise’ and ‘Dusk to Dawn’ once again display Based Case’s story telling ability; taking listeners from high to low smoothly and then ending on a positive gospel infused note with ‘Scenic Route’